ImageSince its founding in 1919 the university has chosen to deliver the best, custom-fit education to the select few, rather than provide the widest range of subjects and cater to the widest possible audience. Lincoln begins with a highly competent faculty and the most useful educational programs, and mentors each student all the way to graduation. Our students’ success proves that we make the right choices. Lincoln has become a truly global university due to its diverse multicultural student body and faculty. Located in a powerful international hub – the San Francisco Bay Area – it provides a multitude of invaluable learning opportunities. Because a successful career in the 21st century requires deep understanding of international relations and the impact of globalization, Lincoln is well-positioned to give its students a competitive advantage in business and professional fields worldwide.

Entering and continuing students with superior academic records are eligible to apply for a Board of Trustees Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded from funds provided by the University. The Board of Trustees Scholarship is credited to the student’s account covering up to two semester’s full time tuition. Miscellaneous fees for these semesters will be borne by the student. The application procedure involves submission of transcripts, a Board of Trustees Scholarship Application Form, which can be obtained from the Dean’s Office, two letters of recommendation, and a brief essay. The awards will be given on the basis of academic excellence and potential to become an outstanding student at Lincoln University. Students must submit a completed application form and all required documentation at least one month before the beginning of a semester. The Lincoln University Scholarship Committee will interview applicants, select winners and announce them before the semester begins.
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