The Yale Young Global Scholars Program


The Yale Young Global Scholars Program (YYGS) is offering a financial need-based scholarship for a high school student from Mexico to attend YYGS this summer at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. We ask that you please share this opportunity with anyone you think may be interested.

The scholarship will cover tuition, airfare and travel expenses to the program. 

The Yale Young Global Scholars Program is open to students who have one or two years of secondary school remaining, and offers six unique two-week sessions. The program is a rigorous academic experience, featuring lectures from renowned Yale faculty.

Admission to YYGS is competitive. Applications are available online at

To be eligible for the full scholarship, applicants must:

The application deadline is February 11, 2016In order to be eligible for this scholarship, students must meet ALL of the requirements listed above and complete the application, including the financial aid portion, by the deadline. No additional steps required.


The Yale Young Global Scholars Program is an academic enrichment and leadership-training program for talented high school students from around the world, who live and study on the Yale campus during the summer. The program features intensive undergraduate-level coursework and interaction with renowned Yale faculty and practitioners in the fields of history, political science, law, economics, international affairs, public health, and environmental science.

Students may apply to any of the three, two-week summer sessions offered: Politics, Law, and Economics (June 19-July 2) focuses on important ideas and thinkers in the American political and intellectual tradition; International Affairs and Security (July 8-21) explores strategic lessons from history and their application to contemporary international affairs; and Applied Science & Engineering (June 19 – July 2) study and application of physical and computer sciences in addition to engineering; Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (July 26 – August 8) understand how innovations in science or technology become a reality; Biological & Biomedical Science (July 8 – July 21) will focus on study and application of life sciences; Sustainability, Energy, & Environment  (July 26 – August 8) discover how people have influenced the natural world, and what effects those interactions have had on modern-day society.

Last summer, participants represented 92 countries. Countries represented included China, Brazil, Turkey, India, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Mexico, as well as Myanmar, Tunisia, Kenya, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Poland, Afghanistan, and many more. Participants bring a wide array of perspectives into the classroom, fostering international awareness and further enhancing the stellar academic curriculum.



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